Monday, May 14, 2007

Damn you google images ---- I think

Spent untold hours today exploring the more obscure workings of Blogger, Myspace, and my very own website, My host is, which I highly recommend for impatient and frugal users. The technical support people all sound like cheerful, all-American types (I think they're in Arizona).

I clicked on a button labeled user statistics and was whisked to a heretofore unexplored world of graphs and URL's indicating yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, and, yes, hourly hits on my website!
136,000 in a little over a year. How is this possible?

Turns out Google Images has indexed the photos on my site. If you type in moon and clouds, my photo comes up first. Over 3000 hits on that alone from the U.S. But there's also Google Images, UK and Spain and Denmark, and the whole rest of the world, including google in languages that look impossible to pronounce.

Furthermore, some of the URL's for specific websites are listed. For some reason, they came back to my site untold times to copy my images. I sent them messages asking them to credit me, but not sure I want links to vampirefreaks (they have a job board which was comforting, but I'd have to join to read it). Egyptian Goddess might be okay. Tikki used my picture as the background for his homepage on Myspace. He's nineteen and into hard rock, but he also wants to be a graphic designer. I sent him a friend request. He has 73. I only have 7.

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