Wednesday, May 09, 2007

yoga redux

I can't figure out how to respond to people except this way.

The retreat was $400 and included 5 meals, 5 yoga sessions, various opportunities for group meditations, and all the spiritual renewal you can handle.

Basically, I just wanted to get away: drive along the coast, walk around a beautiful area, and get a little exercise (emphasis on little). I also wanted an outdoor massage, and I got one, within an hour of my arrival.

Since I work alone, short bouts of extreme togetherness with mostly together women is a hoot for me. The woo-woo stuff is still woowooish, but it doesn't bother me as it once might have. At one time, I didn't have the patience. Now, I don't have the knees. But my mental flexibility is way out there: acting out, pushing the limits, not being afraid of people --- it's a whole new world.

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