Friday, August 03, 2007

3 Word Wednesday

Drove to Santa Cruz today. One son flew in, another worked late. Bought cherries and garlic at a farmer's market. Bought burritos for dinner. They're playing video games. I'm checking out blogs. Found this one: 3 Word Wednesday. In response to three words --- Memphis, Fathom, Gray --- and wrote this story:


On her first visit to Memphis, Lydia begged her husband to take her to the storied waters of the Mississippi. His family looked at her with bored surprise; she was from up north. Worse, California. They eat raw fish out there. Leave their windows open all the time.

"We’re almost there," Joe said. He’d succumbed to familial pressure and agreed to drive her over the bridge.

Lydia leaned forward in the passenger seat and rolled down the window to breath the used up Memphis air, heavy with 8-cylinder exhaust, two pack a day exhalations, and insect respiration. Joe turned the a/c up higher, what passed for fresh air.

"Well, there it is," Joe said, his voice flat, like the muddy waters beneath them, cocoa made with water, not milk. "Happy?" he said, making it clear he wasn't.

Lydia looked toward her husband, past his irritated expression, out his window to the fathomless gray skies meeting the Mississippi in the distance. She didn’t answer. He didn’t ask again.