Friday, September 21, 2007

Amy Winehouse she go, "no, no, no."

So typical that I make a special stop to buy Amy Winehouse and then a friend informs me that Winehouse's daddy said to boycott her albums until she deals with her drug problem.
Not that doing so would matter, of course.
Her Wikipedia bio details family conflict between the in-laws with each side blaming the other for their child's addiction. It reads like my sister’s life story (substitute crack for huff, or is it puff?).

Might explain why Winehouse wasn’t sold out at Best Buy. Either she's selling like crazy, or people are heeding the Amy Daddy call.

Wouldn't it be neat if the latter were true? Like a massive intervention.

It's got to be tough being gifted at being sad, writing and singing about it. If you got happy your whole image, not to mention your creative spark, might dry up.

Not that unrequited love in all its renditions — usually lying and cheating, but in reverse order — affects all artists the same way. James Blunt manages to sound sad, yet copeful. It’s not a word, but it says so much. Wrote him (unnamed) into a climactic seduction scene between two vampires. He's falsetto guy in the background singing about night in endless time and love and hearts and souls. Maybe I could work in Amy Winehouse, too.

Hey, when vampires start out dancing the merengue (expertly), and segue to James Blunt, anything is possible.


  1. I love this women. I posted this id some time back and I don't think anyone that reads my blog really likes her so I felt you all just don't get it. lol

  2. Hi NPS, I pinged this post to Technorati (the last post they had shown for your blog was 78 days ago! drat...) and added you to my favorite technorati blogs. just FYI.

  3. Sorry, Blood Mother... NPS was just because my mind is playing tricks with me this morning... LOL. enjoy the day.