Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Have No Life

Not only am I now blogging (I once thought this was a euphemism for not really writing), but I also have a MySpace page (something I signed up for after several martinis a year or so ago, and rediscovered this year after trying to sign up again while clear-headed only to discover my name and usual passwords were already being used). Yes, I am technically challenged enough that I momentarily suspected identity theft rather than an online blackout.

I've met (virtually) some fine people through blogging, responded to writing prompts and produced good work, and the much maligned MySpace has worked as it should. My MySpace profile has generated over four thousand hits on the site I created to promote my as yet unpublished first novel, The Sandoval Sisters .

Lately, I've been absorbed in signing up for endless blog promotion --- too many passwords, so little time --- and reading other blogs.

That's my excuse for writing today in response to Mo Rocca's blog, I'm Breaking Up With My Cleaning Lady.

My advice to him was to act quickly and decisively. As with el amor, it may all boil down to the same vacuum of loss, except that with your cleaning lady it's a vacuum of non-vacuuming.

Being the dumpee is never great.

Nothing worse than thinking about breaking up with your cleaning lady, getting more and more annoyed, noticing dust in places you've ignored for years, honing your passive-aggressive talents by leaving your towel on the bathroom floor, returning home to find it folded neatly on the towel bar and sniffing it to determine if she laundered it, sniffing it again and again . . . and then she dumps you!!!

Writing Tip: This is an example of creative nonfiction since I don't sniff towels, and I did get dumped

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  1. I wish I had a cleaning lady to break up with. I wish I could write creative non fiction In my next life I may write, the plans for this life are already laid out.

    I've been working a lot, sometimes writing prop papers at home but have been very good about staying away from the internet during work times.

    Once you start signing up for things and then forgetting them and then getting emails from places you never remember being a part of it gets kind of crazy.