Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Family Traditions up now at In Posse

Goya's Saturn Devouring His Son speaks to me.  My mother kept secrets and tried, but failed, to teach me to keep them, too.  "Never tell a man anything," she said, "he'll just throw it in your face later."

She left my father and returned to her father taking me and my brother with her.  Her life was hard, made more bitter by my insistence, finally, on setting the record straight.

Given a choice, she might have preferred Delacroix's Medea, below, especially if she thought it might prevent me from publishing the following:

"Family Traditions: Writing Fiction From Real Life

Poetry and Prose from In Posse Review

Start with a personal tragedy, something that haunts your relationships. It helps if you have a colorful family chock-full of sociopaths, if not outright felons. It’s better if you don’t quite understand the impact the event(s) had on you. You’re solving the mystery of yourself.  more

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  1. Its a pity that even if we dream to have the perfect family or we think we have it, everything suddenly changes and in one snap, you're already a part of a broken family. I can relate to you there. I experienced the same. My mom working so hard to raise all seven of us. And my dad just took off to another country and then suddenly, there was no more communication between us. Its sad but its true. I wish I can turn back time and stay at those good memories. I wish.