Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Book Club Love Letter

Bookclub in Manhattan Beach Sunday night, and The Sandoval Sisters was the book.  Trepidation, thy name is Sandra because this wasn't any old bookclub, but the most fun, wild, and critical book club on earth where for decades these women have read, and sipped wine, laughed uproariously, shared feelings, and opinions . . . on everything.  We usually eat and drink and weave in and out of our book discussions, and this was no different, although they seemed a bit in awe of my work.  Not sure if I should be insulted or complimented.  I guess I come off kooky (read: outrageous) sometimes, but with this book not only is my inner nerd on display, but also my latent romanticism (tinged with tragedy and irony, of course).  They seemed relieved that the sex in the book was palatable, and when it turned edgy, they just rolled their eyes, and thought, “That’s our Sandra!”  Our hostess, who is an outstanding chef-mom-businesswoman, served spicy posole with sweet potato, and stuffed peppers, and a pimiento cheese dip.  Delicious!

*original sketch above found on Google images by Moore.  Only one I could find featuring wine and not coffee.  Can't fathom drinking coffee at bookclub!

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