Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Rendezvous Motel: Part 1

Lydia’s back was to the couple, but she watched their pre-coital flirtation in the reflection of the sliding glass window.

The woman got out of the Jacuzzi and sat cross-legged, a petite Buddha, and looked down at her husband.  The cigarette she popped into her mouth looked large and fat in her tiny hands.  When she puckered her lips to hold it, her eyes rounded, too, Manga style. The visual was fellatic.  Her husband stared up at her, worshiping his baby wife. 

More young couples joined them for breakfast.  Lydia closed her eyes and savored the energy. “Everyone here has had sex in the last 24-hours,” she said to her husband.

He snapped his head up, looked around. “Probably more than once.”

“The men are quiet, almost deferential.”

“Safer that way,” her husband said.

Photo by S. Ramos O'Briant

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