Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Field Trip to Evergreen Cemetery

A jewel-bedecked angel with spider egg earrings and a wasp nest brooch.

Unkempt cemeteries are a favorite field trip of mine. They were practically in my backyard in Santa Fe and my cousin and I often played in them. One of them is featured in my story, Halloween Blooms.

Evergreen Cemetery in Boyle Heights was founded in Los Angeles in 1877.  It's maintained. . . somewhat.  It has personality and a certain L.A. charm, derived primarily from the diversity of its occupants.

Here's one them and he brought a lawn chair and a book with him.

Evergreen was the first cemetery in Los Angeles to allow Blacks to be buried there. 
Beulah Cline died in 1936 

There are also Japanese, Jews and the occasional Armenian resting at Evergreen, but I shouldn't forget the assortment of carnival folk and the huge monuments for some of the founding families of Los Angeles (Doheny's, Lankershim's and others). All very L.A. 

  A woman placed these flowers and cleaned the top of this grave.

 These birds watched over graves.  Anyone know what they are?
Demon Parrots squawked in the palm trees. 
I found pure white feathers strewn on the ground. Something preyed on them.

 Catsy graffiti artist was arrested in 2010 for adorning L.A. freeways and buildings with felines. This is one of his works in the Evergreen Cemetery.