Sunday, May 04, 2014

Birding the Macabre

Birding is both more and less than spotting and identifying wild birds. For me, it's being outdoors and looking up. Being properly equipped is also important: binoculars, a zoom lens on one's hopefully light camera, water, sunscreen and plenty of tissue if you have allergies. Without the proper binoculars and appropriate camera, it was difficult to see anything. Placerita Canyon could have been a bust if it weren't for the other essential ingredient for me: Imagination.

Do you see the wolf-like image in the hollow? 

This was the image on my ascent. Below you'll see this image upon my descent.

See the bird in the tree? 
Neither did I, but then I looked down and saw the 


Even though its flame was petrified, I jumped back and almost stepped on an angry

Gila Monster

A steamy wind rushed up the canyon and raptors circled above waving treetops. At the next turn, I encountered a new creature.

Monkey Lizard

He seemed harmless enough and I had to laugh at my fantasies. No wooden fatalities here, or were there?

Petrified Human

My Catholic childhood rushed at me. Jesus H. Christ! I almost made the sign of the cross. Fortunately, I ran into this religious fellow who operated an X-rated confessional when I was twelve.

The Monsignor Burns in Hell

Here is the ghoulish stump once again, but the monster inside has changed. Can you see the difference?

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