Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Minnesota On a Stick

Revelers on a Pedal Pub in downtown Minneapolis.
They ain't movin unless they pedal, doncha know.

The leaves clinging to the few live branches on the tall trees alongside the freeway waved listlessly in a dry wind as we drove to the airport. We flew out of drought-stricken Los Angeles for Minnesota, the land of ten thousand lakes. We went for the baseball and for my husband to meet some of the other moderators on a Twins forum. Fortunately for me, there were members who liked to hike, kayak and marvel at a very different place. How different? 

Before the water and the baseball there was the

 which had everything you could possibly want . . . and on a Stick!

I had the Scotch Egg on a stick. You betcha there was a hard boiled egg, but the sausage was Italian and there wasn't a drop of Scotch on it. Dis is tru.

All State Fairs have 4-H competitions. We visited the horses, cows, rabbits, chickens and pigs.
 Here's my husband pig-whispering.

 The most beautiful chicken. Far as dat goes it could be a rooster.

Kayaking in the city limits on Lake Calhoun

The Far Shore

Innerestin toes eh.

A few discoveries while hiking at Minnehaha Falls. 

Flour is combustible. The mill went ka-put. The ruins rival medieval castles in the U.K. Minnesota cleverly blends the new with the old at the Mill City Museum.

The ruins reflect on the modern.

 Downtown, old and new.

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