Wednesday, March 29, 2017



introverted, Probably.

Fearful, I reject this.

unsociable, Like my cat. She has a strict schedule. Pretty much no in the day. Oh yeah, she’ll meet your car and roll around on the driveway playing pretty kitty, but she won’t let you touch her. 

She waits for me at night, curled up in a corner of the bedroom. I open a book. She meows and head bumps the book. No hb’s for humans. I scratch between her ears, her neck, under her chin, maybe we do elevator butt. Then, I push her down next to me and return to my book. She usually moves to the foot of the bed, right where my feet will go. 

Turn off the light. She makes her way up to me, lays down as close to me as she can get, but with her head facing out so she can make a quick getaway. I’m mostly not like my cat. Not so regimented. I hope.

inhibited, I can’t own this.

reticentreservedretiringprivate, Hell no! 

reclusive, I like the sound of this. It’s solitary.

Solitude is the state of being alone without being lonely.

shytimid, Aw.

aloof, I wish.

indrawn, as in introspective, yeah.

Informal standoffish, Rube version of aloof. Oh yeah, baby.

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