The Sandoval Sisters' Secret of Old Blood


The Sandoval Sisters' Secret of Old Blood

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   My work in Huffington Post:

Childhood Influences: Where Ideas Are Born

How I Became Me and Not Her

Sexual Frontiers: A Dental Story

Mother's Day and Pubic Hair Memories

Cybernation: Seduction and Flirtation

Hairy Legs  

Stuck in Time: Forgetting and Forgiving 

Girlfriends: The Other Women  

Bye Bye Black Sheep   
Mother/Daughter Relationships

The Rose Fades: Las Vegas  

Hellfire of the Vanities: Confessions of a Latina Redneck

Bullied: Diversity, Distinction, Differentiation  

MRS Degree 

The Inside Passage  

The Poop of the Matter  

Adventure #1: Mexico, 1967  

Minnesota on a Stick  

Halloween Interlude   

La Luna Súper

Nippled Irish Royalty and Their Less Fortunate, Usually Dead, Nippleless Relatives


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